Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I went shopping!

Okay, so today I went shopping... First I went into Superdrug and couldn't just ignore all of the deals! Pretty much every brand has a buy one get one half price deal on at the moment, which is really good if you need to get a couple of bits (or just buy for the hell of it like me). The products I got here were:

Healthy mix foundation in 'light beige'
Happy Light in 'rose vanilla'
Delice de Poundre (the lighter one!)
Poudre De Riz illuminating skin highlighter

Kate Moss lipstick in '107'

Photoready 3D Volume mascara in 'black' (one of my favourites!)

Elegant Touch rapid dry for nails

I then went into Boots where they again had similar deals as Superdrug, so I bought a couple of Soap and Glory products I wanted to try, I love s&g so much, the packaging is beautiful! When I was there I  noticed a reduction stand with loads of No.7 bits and bobs on it, I think it's what they are discontinuing. Anyway, there I saw the most beautiful nail varnish, reduced to £3!! So if you're near a boots I would definitely recommend going and having a look at their reduced section, they also had bits and bobs from other brands like Seventeen :)

Soap & Glory
One heck of a blot!
Kick ass concealer in 'Light'

No.7 Stay Perfect nail varnish in 'Twinkle Glitter'

I also went into The Body Shop and saw the 'Love etc' perfume in there that I always used to have a few years ago, it was on offer for like £5 or something for 30ml which is amazing so I got another bottle of that, it's such a lovely perfume!

Let me know if you want any reviews :)



  1. have you already tried the Delice de Poudre? if so what do you think? i'm tempted to buy it but wanted to know if it's any good :)


  2. yeah I have, I really like it! It goes on really nicely and smells amazing!


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