Friday, 7 February 2014

Hair lovin'

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite hair products at the moment, I realised lately that I don't really take much care over my hair at all and normally just sling it up in a bun, which is really boring everyday! so my new years resolution (starting from now) is to start taking more care of it and do more interesting things with it!
These are some of the things that I am luuuurvin' at the moment!

First up is the 'Urban Fudge' hairspray, which I think you can only buy at Superdrug. It's iced raspberry and vanilla and ohhh my god it smells amazing for a hairspray and it holds my hair in place all day without making it too crispy. Oh and it's half price at Superdrug at the moment so I would recommend you all go and buy it, i'm sure you will love it as much as me!

Next we have Aussie. I have loved Aussie for years but for some reason I stopped using it for a while, not really sure why... Anyway, I bought it again as I think it was on a 3 for £10 deal which is amazing and I can't stop using it again! I get the 'miracle moist', It smells of bubblegum and is genuinely the nicest smelling shampoo/conditioner I have ever smelt in my life, and it makes my hair feel so soft as well (my hairs quite dry and damaged). I use the shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair, and the 3 minute miracle treatment once a week as it's quite intense. I always get comments on how nice my hair smells since using it again as the smell is quite strong and I just love love love it!

Another thing I have been loving lately is the Kerastase 'elixir ultime' for damaged hair. I put some of this on the ends of my hair after washing it and sometimes before/during straightening it if it's feeling quite dry. My hair is really damaged after years of home dyes and this is one product that definitely helps it feel softer and it seems to help it stay straighter for longer, as I have reaaaallly frizzy/curly hair! Although it is pricier than normal serums, I would definitely recommend if your hair is damaged and in need of a little love!

Last but not least is my Tangle Teezer. This is perfect for my hair type especially as it is really prone to getting knotty and using a normal brush kills half the time! This is amazing for extensions as well as it avoids pulling the hairs out that would normally get ruined due to knots. I really love the look of these as well, especially the pink one! They are all really bright colours and can get all sorts of different patterns, again I would recommend to anyone, especially with longer hair :)

Do you have a hairstyle that you always end up doing?



  1. I really need to try the Aussie shampoos but in Spain they cost so expensive! The 3 for 10GBP deal is quite nice though, I wish we had something similar here!

    A hairstyle I always end up doing is probably the fishbraid. I have ombré hair and I like the way it looks on me, but my hair is now very layered since I got my haircut + ombré done just a month a go! I still love it though x

  2. Aww that sucks! Have you looked online?
    I've never done a fish braid before, think I might try it!

  3. I love Aussie products! need to try out the tangle teaser though x

  4. Replies
    1. I couldn't be without any of them now! xx

  5. I love Aussie products! Unfortunately I haven't seen those in the US :( why must different products be in different countries!? LOL, love the post dear! <3

    Dianna from

    1. Aww that's rubbish! I know, I agree it's so silly!


  6. I neeed to follow you on the journey to good hair!!
    I work full time repairing watches so I throw my hair back most days, its gotton into great condition but its so so boring!!!


    1. Yes!
      Ahh mine is in such awful condition considering I throw it up everyday!

  7. I need the Tangle teaser :P ;)

    Check my blog out and follow if you like it maybe?
    Thank You
    Lovely post

  8. I absolutely love the Urban Fudge hairspray! Don't know what I'd do without it now! Their product range smells amazing! x

  9. I really want to try the Urban Fudge hairspray, it sounds amazing!


  10. One of my resolutions for this year was to take better care of my hair and start styling it more. I usually just put it in a bun a couple hours before I go anywhere so that when I take it down I have natural looking waves :) I have very fine hair and need to look into thickening products!

    Smitten with Sunday


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