Saturday, 1 February 2014

REVIEW: 'Gimme Brow' brow gel

Hello everyone!
My 'Gimme Brow' has finally arrived woooo! I ordered it from QVC for £14, as it is not available in the UK until March. Although I think £14 is a bit pricey for a brow product, I couldn't resist buying it and trying it out as I have longed to find a product for my brows that I love! (And I also can't resist Benefit and their lovely packaging). It is described by Benefit as a 'brow-volumizing fibergel' which is basically a mascara for your eyebrows to keep them in place and lengthen and thicken any existing hair. (I got it in medium deep).

(This is what the actual product looks like)
I have always been an eyebrow pencil lover, having over plucked in the past I knew that using a pencil would cover any bald patches I had but I was really eager to try a new and quicker product!

first impression: The tube was a lot smaller than I was expecting it to be, although I do think that it will last a long time as so little is needed. However, it is a good handbag size and Benefit have yet again succeeded with beautiful and quirky packaging!

My brow before (over plucked, quite fair and just not nice!)

My brow after application

Firstly I just want to say that photos do not do this product any justice! Application takes no longer than 5 seconds, first you brush it against the hairs and then back again in the direction you want!
  • The hair literally just appears, as if by magic! It nearly doubled the length of my eyebrow hairs, well from what's there!
  • It's natural looking, unlike pencils which sometimes I feel look too much.
  • It has held my brows in place and lasted all day!
  • It's good for those who don't have much hair there as it adheres to the skin to give the appearance of having hair there.
  • It does cling on to every hair so you will have to be all neat and waxed/tweezed otherwise your brows wont have much shape!
  • It is over priced for a brow product.
  • If you like very full eyebrows, you will probably want to fill in some bits with a pencil/shadow still and add more defined shape.
Overall I am really pleased with this product, especially as it is the first of it's kind!
I would definitely recommend it :)
You can buy it here on QVC, other than that to purchase in the UK it's a bit of a wait!

Thanks for reading!
What are your favourite brow products?


  1. Really interesting post. I was thinking of investing in this - but I'm not too sure whether its worth it. So many mixed reviews! Haha.

    1. Yeah I know! It's good for a more natural look if you don't wanna wear much make up I think :) xx

  2. Looks interesting! Not tried this will have to add it to my list! Check out My link? Follow on GFC?
    Mybeautysleuth x

  3. This sounds amazing, and it look really natural! I love the packaging too x

    Lauren Evie

  4. I really want it!! Love your blog!


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