Thursday, 27 February 2014

REVIEW: Liz Earle - Skin Saviour

I had always struggled when it came to shopping for skincare products. I have terrible combination skin, around my nose gets soo dry whereas my forehead is the complete opposite and you basically fry an egg on it when its bad (gross, I know but all you oily girls will understand!) I had always found myself buying the wrong type of skincare or wasting my money on moisturizers that swear they're a miracle cream. It wasn't until I started using Liz Earle that I realized I had been using all of the wrong things.

The first thing from the range that I tried was the 'Cleanse & Polish' which is a hot cloth cleanser. I'd never really bothered with a hot cloth before, I had the No.7 one but rarely used it - but using this for the first time the results were amazing! I had never felt my skin feeling so soft, all of my dry areas had vanished and my face felt like a babies bottom! You apply it to a dry face, or a full face of make up and rub it in (leave your eyes till last though or you will end up with black all over your face!) then soak the muslin cloth in warm water and use it remove the cleanser/make up off your face & splash yourself with cold water. I use this every night and morning and my skin has never felt better! It has a lovely natural smell to it as well, it is definitely the best cleanser that I have ever used!

The next thing that I love is the 'Instant Boost Skin Tonic'. I use this on a cotton wool pad and wipe it over my face before applying my moisturizer and it definitely helps to leave my skin looking more radiant and fresh! Again it has a really natural lovely smell to it and I don't think I will stop using it any time soon! The 200ml bottle also lasts for aaaages which is always a plus!

Next up is the 'Skin Repair Moisturiser - Normal/Combination'. I purchased a sample sized tube for this, I had heard so many positive reviews on it but having tricky skin I wanted to make sure that I liked it enough to pay for the big pot. I put this on every night before bed and every morning after I've cleansed & toned, it leaves my skin feeling amazing every time without fail! I have finally found a moisturizer that battles my dry and oily areas and leaves them feeling wonderful (wooo!) This also creates a great base for applying make up as the skin feels so smooth. I'm nearly out of my little tube, but will 100% be ordering the full sized one on pay day!

Last but not least is the 'Gentle Face Exfoliator', I have quite sensitive skin and so I needed an exfoliator that didn't irritate or take half of my skin off with it. This has the perfect balance for everything, it leaves my skin again feeling really soft and removes any dry skin around my nose without making it sore or irritated afterwards. I don't use this every night, just when I feel like my skin needs a bit'a scrubbin'. Again, smells lovely & natural.

So there you have it, I am definitely a Liz Earle woman now! I couldn't recommend it enough, especially for those of you with combination/oily skin. Sorry if I have rambled a bit here, but I had to share my love for these products with you all! I hope this has helped anyone who was ooh-ing and aah-ing whether to try any of her products or if you were looking for a product to save your skin!

Have you tried Liz Earle before? What are your favourite products - let me know!


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