Sunday, 9 February 2014

REVIEW: Revlon Highlighting Palette (rose glow)

Today I was at work and stumbled across this beauty, I had been really excited to try this for a while but being a small store, the Superdrug I work at hadn't stocked it before. Anyway, I found it in a make up draw with stock to come out on Wednesday and had to buy it! (Along with the new matte balms, which are going to be £5.99 on Wednesday) I bought it in 'Rose Glow' which is a lot pinker than the other one which was 'Bronze Glow'. 
This is really similar to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick, but at a fraction of the price at £6.99  (although I think they're going back up to £8.99 on Wednesday.) I was a bit hesitant as to whether i'd like how shimmery it was, as it looks really sparkly in the pan, however when it is applied it's barely got any sparkle in it at all! I really like this product and definitely want to buy the other colour, however I was expecting it to show up a bit more than it does, although it does add a nice rosey tone to your cheeks. 
Look how pretty the colours are!
 I've tried to take a photo of it but the lighting in my room is rubbish so i've had to use the flash so you cant see anything apart from a ghost face! But if you tilt the screen a bit you can kind of see it a bit better haha (Although I don't think the highlighter makes that much of a difference anyway) However this might all be down to the lighting in my room, i'm going to use it again in the morning and hopefully will be able to see more! Probably should have done this post tomorrow once i've used it properly... but i'm extremely impatient and had to tell you all!

P.S please excuse how awful I look, I had been at work all day and my hair is everywhere!
Overall i'm quite happy with this product and look forward to trying the other colour!

What's your favourite highlighter?



  1. This highlighter looks so gorgeous!

    1. To so lovely, just a shame it doesn't do much :( x

  2. Very beautiful :)

  3. I have the bronze colour and it is lovely. I think it shows up more than this colour so worth a try :) x

    1. Ooh thank you for telling me that, think I'm going to try that one! X


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