Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunshine Award

Big thank you to Cristina for nominating me! I'm not sure if my facts will be interesting but here we go!

1. Display the award. 
2. Say "thank you" to the wonderful person that nominated you. 
3. Share 10 interesting things about yourself. 
4. Nominate some of your favourite blogs. 
5. Link to the nominated blogs, and share the news with them!

  1. I'm an art student and love drawing portraits, oh and minions!
  2. One day I WILL work for Pixar.
  3. I have seen Mcfly 12 or 13 times.
  4. My favourite films are Finding Nemo, Up & Monsters Inc.
  5. When I was about 5 I fell down an escalator and got my lip stuck, leaving me with an attractive scar..
  6. I have a fat, old man cat called Domino and used to have a hamster called Dave who sadly died last year :( although I am soon getting 2 male guinea pigs (need name ideas!)
  7. When I was younger I hated my middle name and used to tell everyone it was Chanel! 
  8. I own waaay to many perfumes, I had a bit of an obsession with buying them when I started working for Superdrug.
  9. My favourite foods are Korma, chips and pancakes (oh so healthy!)
  10. I have a toy moose called Monty who i've had since I can remember and stays everywhere with me!
I nominate the following people and also everybody who wants to do the tag! Let me know if you do it :)

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you do the tag so I can get to know more things about you!



  1. Thank you for the tag, Amy : ) I have quite a few busy weeks coming up, but will add it to my 'to write' list.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. No problem! Okay :) let me know when it's up so I can have a read! X

  2. I do love a good Korma, why are the unhealthy things always the most tastiest! I love tags like this nice way of getting to know more about the person behind the blog :D x

    1. Ahh I don't know! It's not fair :( yeah me too! I enjoy reading them too :) xx

  3. You're first 4 points make me love you so much. Would die to work for Pixar, but not talented enough. X

    1. Haha awww! I'd love to but don't think I am either, but a girl can dream!xx

  4. Aw congratulations on getting nominated for this award! awesome post! :)

  5. This award is such a lovely idea :) xx

    1. I know, I love things like these! xx

  6. Hope you work for pixar soon!

  7. Awww, how lovely! Congratulations! ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  8. I'd so work for Pixar too! And omg McFly! They're amazing, aren't they? Love your answers! xx

    1. It would be amaaaazing!! Ahh I know! I love Mcfly so much!


  9. My fear of getting body parts stuck in escalators just went up a notch!

    Yay for McFly off to see the McBusted tour next month!

    Katrina | ChatterFox-Chit Chat about this and that.

    1. oops haha sorry!
      ahh really?! i'm sooo jealous! I really want to go :(


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