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Battle Of The Foundations: MAC vs Nars

MAC 'Studio Fix Fluid' and Nars 'Sheer Glow' foundations are always being raved about. I feel like they're 2 of the most popular foundations around at the moment and after trying them both I can see why. I really didn't know which one to go for when I was trying to choose my next foundation, but now that i've tried them both I know which one will be a staple in my make up collection...

I have combination skin; my T-zone is always oily and I get quite dry skin around my nose no matter how hard I try to get rid of it! I had been using the Revlon Colorstay foundation for combination/oily skin for ages and just decided that I wanted to try something different. So I decided to go to MAC and give the Studio Fix Fluid a go. I like high coverage foundations which is why I decided to go for that one.

I got the shade NW13, which was the closest match to my skin colour, however I find that it comes out which quite an orange tone - which is annoying as the other alternative was far too yellow. But as Summer was coming up, I was just hoping to get a bit of a tan on my face so that it would suit me more! Although this is just a personal opinion - I could just have a strange skin colour!

Bottle Appearance: 4/5
Coverage: 4/5
Staying On Power: 3/5
Smell: 2/5
Price: 4/5 (£22)
Would I buy again? Yes

I found the coverage of the foundation really good, which is what I look for the most in foundation. However, I found that it stuck to my dry patches quite a lot and was also quite shiny on my oily sections, so I found myself topping up my powder a lot more. But overall I really like the bottle (despite the fact it doesn't come with a pump - why!?!) It stays on reasonably well, but like I said you may find yourself topping up on powder throughout the day. It smells quite strong for a foundation, but that isn't really something that bothers me.

I got the shade 'Deauville' which suits my skin tone perfectly! I only purchased this a couple of weeks ago, but i've definitely fallen in love with it already.

Bottle Appearance: 4/5
Coverage: 5/5
Staying On Power: 4/5
Smell: 4/5
Price: 3/5 (£31)
Would I buy again? Yes

Again, what annoys me about this foundation is the fact that it doesn't come with a pump. I didn't bother buying one with the MAC foundation as it's slightly thicker, but Sheer Glow is a bit runnier and I felt like I was wasting so much every day so I invested in a pump. But, the lid doesn't fit on when the pump is on! Which I think is so stupid, as if you want to carry it in your handbag with the pump on you might expect to get a leakage... I'm not sure if MAC foundations are the same when they have a pump on?

Apart from the pump situation, I think that the appearance of the bottle is really nice and classy.. The coverage is amazing - I don't have to use that much to get a great coverage, it stays on all day really well and I don't have to top it up throughout the day, and it doesn't really smell of anything which is a plus!

Overall I think that Nars Sheer Glow is the winner for me. Although it is quite pricey, and nearly a tenner more than MAC Studio Fix, I really think it's worth it as it's the best foundation i've tried. I do really like the MAC one and would purchase it again, but now that I have tried Sheer Glow I think I will be sticking to this for a while! I'm interested to see how long the bottle will last me!

What's your favourite foundation? Have you tried either of these?



  1. I have the same skin type as you and I'm currently using the Mac Studio fix! I really like the coverage and finish but by the end of the day it's not always still there! I bought a pump for it for a couple of quid and it has a lock feature so it won't leak in your bag :)!

    I tried the sheer glow before and didn't get on with it in testers but I think she gave me the wrong colour match and I was abroad which probably didn't help! I think I'm gonna grab a tester now as you found it good for your skin and give it another go as everyone always raves about it! Xx

    1. Ahh that's good about the pump! Oh really? Yeah maybe it was just the wrong colour, I love it! I find that it does last a lot longer than Mac studio fix, let me know if you try it again and if you like it! X

  2. I really like both of these though if I had to choose I'd go for the Nars as it's more build-able. I agree the pump issue is more annoying with the Nars as it's more expensive and also the pumps are really hard to track down! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I 100% agree! And yeah I found that.. took me ages to find one! Xx


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