Saturday, 15 August 2015

Late For Work!

In an ideal world, we would all wake up bright and early every day and have hours to get ready for work/school to make sure that we look our best. But unfortunately (well for me anyway) most days I press the 'snooze' button at least 3 times, and leave myself not very much time to get ready at all...

I thought that i'd share with you my 'go to' make up for when I haven't left myself much time in the mornings! This look takes no more than 10 minutes and is super easy.

To start with, I apply primer. No matter how little time I have to get ready before work, I will always make time to apply primer (I use Benefit's Porefessional).  Anyone who works in an office 9-5 will understand how hot it can get, especially in Summer, and I would like there to still be some make up on my face come 5pm...

Next, I apply my foundation and then concealer on any blemishes and under my eyes and set it all with a matte powder.

Then I grab a bronzer, and using a bigger brush just apply it everywhere where the sun would tan my face, and then briefly use a contour brush to just define my cheek bones more. If I have time, I usually brush on a bit of highlighter on my cheek bones. I finish my face with a bit of blusher.

For my eyes, I use one or two eyeshadow colours and apply them over the whole lid and line a bit under my eyes. I've been loving 'Half Baked' from the Naked palette lately and usually find myself reaching for it when i'm in a rush - It's a beautiful bronze/gold colour. After i've applied the colour to my lid, I use a black eyeshadow and just apply it along my lash line as sometimes I find this quicker than eyeliner. As I don't usually use liquid eyeliner when i'm in a rush (I don't know about you, but i'm not the best at applying liquid eyeliner even when I have bags of time, let alone not much time!) I apply more mascara than I probably usually would, to define my eyes more.

For my eyebrows I either use a pencil, or lately i've been using the Anastasia Beverly hills DIPBROW Pomade which I think it really easy to use!

Finally, I go for a nude/pinky colour lipstick as I find that it's easier to apply when in a rush, in comparison to a brighter colour which would take more time to be neater. And that's it! This is the make up that I used to achieve the look...

Also, how quite is this lollipop shirt! I got it from a cute shop in the lanes in Brighton :)

Although I blamed it on reaching for the 'snooze' button too many times in the morning, the main reason i'm usually in a rush is because of my Guinea Pigs! Because their cage is in my room, I find it soo difficult to walk past them without getting them out and giving them cuddles. (Their faces are sooo cute *monkey emoji*) I'm just a little obsessed with Guinea Pigs!

This is Henry...
This is Ralph! He's poorly at the moment so I bought him a cute little bed, and he sits with me in it whilst I do my make up!
Anyway, I've waffled quite a lot in this post but I hope that you've found it either interesting/helpful or just simply liked my pigs! Let me know what make up you reach for when you're in a rush!



  1. Absolutely loved this make up look - which seems to be perfect for me as I'm the kind of girl who would sleep a little bit longer and then sleep way too much and rush to uni or work hahaha. Lovely guinea pigs too, omg. So so so cute x

    Cristina, xo // My Cup of Tea

    1. that's exactly me! hahah they're too cute :) xx

  2. Love this post! I've never tried Benefit's Porefessional before, but I think I probably will now thanks to your recommendation. Gorgeous guinea pigs, by the way!

    ♡ Emily from Trendpill x

    1. thank you! 😊 I love it - I try other primers and always end up going back to it! Haha thanks :) xx


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