Thursday, 13 August 2015

NARS 'Christopher Kane' Parallel Universe Eyeshadow Duo

So, perfection does exist - and it comes in the form of pink lilac and soft violet eyeshadow duo... I fell in love with this eyeshadow duo from the moment I saw it in Space.NK last month. I left the shop with my hand absolutely covered in sparkly purple shades as I couldn't stop trying it on!

After discovering this beauty, I decided to wait until payday to purchase it, hoping that it would still be available as it is limited edition. I went back to Space.NK to buy it on pay day, and they had none! I was gutted and was a real 'should have got it when I saw it' moment and it had also vanished from their website. I had forgotten about it for a couple of weeks, then thought that i'd pop back in there at the weekend just to have a look around, and it had left the NARS section completely </3 I decided to try my luck and ask anyway and haaaaallelujah, they had one hidden away in a cupboard that they were going to send back to NARS so of course I bought it! (I don't know why I didn't actually look anywhere else online for it, as i've found it on many sites since haha..)

But anyway, enough about my purchasing dramas and more about the eyeshadows! There are two colours: a  pink lilac and a soft violet. They are both sheer and suuuper sparkly, and basically just a combination of space dust and powdered diamonds! The colours work so well together and are so pretty, I use the pink lilac all over my lid and then use the violet around my crease and a thin line underneath my eyes. They are semi-opaque colours and are quite subtle on the eyes, but they can also be applied with a damp brush to make them more vibrant - either way they are absolutely beautiful!

These pictures really don't do the colours justice - they are beautiful and catch every tiny bit of light and make your eyes sparkle! These are perfect to wear on days where you don't want to do your eye make up too heavy, or to where to a wedding or a prom.

Also, the packaging is so beautiful!

Not sure if this has helped anyone, it's basically been me rambling on about how pretty and sparkly it is... But I would 100000% recommend this to anyone - it's my new favourite eyeshadow and would grab it whilst it's still available! I really want to try some of the other beauty products from the NARS/Christoper Kane collab as there is so much stuff that looks so pretty - but as it's limited edition I best hurry up!

Have you tried this? Or any of the Christopher Kane range?


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