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Paul Mitchell Awapuhi 'Wild Ginger' Range

I never used to put much thought into what shampoo and conditioner I used for my hair. I used to just grab what ever was cheap in Superdrug, see if it smelt nice and get on with it. But recently, I’ve been choosing my hair care products more carefully, in particular ones that are suited for curly/frizzy/dry hair to see if I could notice a difference.
My hair has always been very dry and frizzy, and having had a balayage done on it not long ago I thought it needed a bit of life and TLC. I came across the Paul Mitchell's 'awapuhi - wild ginger' range recently and it smelt AMAZING! I usually go for quite sweet smelling shampoos and body washes, but this has such an interesting smell to it that I just had to give it a go...

I bought the 'Make Waves' travel essential kit which includes:

Moisturizing lather shampoo
Keratin cream rinse
Texturing sea spray

The shampoo is for all hair types and is 'ideal for colour-treated and chemically processed hair' and includes 'natural Awapuhi extract to balance moisure for manageability and shine.' The first time I used it I was amazed and how nice it left my hair smelling! I always use a conditioner after washing my hair so i'm not sure how soft it leaves your hair by itself, but teamed up with the conditioner it left my hair sooo soft. I also found that my hair didn't feel greasy or tacky at all, which I often find with very moisturizing shampoos and am having to wash it a lot more often. Loooove it!

The Keratin cream rinse, which i've used as a conditioner is also for all hair types and 'instantly softens, conditions and detangles hair' and 'with an exclusive blend of keratin protein, it helps to repair every strand and protect against damage.' This stuff is amazing. I leave it on for 2-3 minutes and as soon as I wash it out I can feel the difference. It has a similar effect that using a conditioning mask does and actually made my hair shiny (which is difficult to do as it's so frizzy!) Again, it smells incredible!

The last thing in the kit was the the sea spray. I've never really tried these before, as i've always been a bit confused as to what they do.. I always have to straighten my hair, just because naturally I have very wild and wavy hair, so even if I want to curl it I will always straighten it first (otherwise I look like a cave woman!) So i've been spraying a bit on to my hair when it's damp before I dry it. I've been loving having loose curls at the moment, so when styling i've been straightening my hair and then putting curls in afterwards. After it's all been styled, i've then been spraying a tiny bit more of the sea spray onto the ends of my hair where it's curly... It's really helped to keep them in! My curls usually wouldn't last all day and would be more or less completely dropped out by about lunch time, but using this they have stayed in all day! They've dropped slightly, but more to a dropped-wavy curl (not sure what the correct term is haha) and also AGAIN it smells amazing - it smells a bit more intense than the shampoo and conditioner and as i've been spraying it on my hair as the last step it's almost like a hair perfume!

I'm in love with these products so far and have really been loving how soft they've left my hair, and how nice they've made it smell! I'm definitely not sticking to just sweet smells anymore!

Unfortunately, you can't buy this range from drug stores, I got mine from a local hair dressers. But if you're ever in the hair dressers and they have it, I definitely recommend you have a whiff and see how nice it smells :) I've had so many compliments on the smell and healthy-looking-ness of my hair since i've been using it.

Also another great thing about Paul Mitchell hair products is that they don't test on animals, yay!

Let me know if you've tried anything from this range and what you think about it!


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  1. Sea spray is perfect for frizzy hair. I spray a bit onto mine them gently comb it through. Works treat. Renee x


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