Sunday, 13 September 2015

Take Me Back!

I've been slacking a bit on my blog lately, well on all social media really! I've been really busy with work, my boyfriend and my friends moving back to uni so I haven't had a day to myself to do anything for a while. But I finally got my new computer (woo) so will be able to start blogging more without relying on my iPad and phone, which are really hard and time consuming to blog on!

A couple of months ago I went to Amsterdam and had such an amazing time. I feel like my holiday blues has gone on too long and I still have them after months! I decided to make a little video with clips from my time there. If you have never been to Amsterdam and are thinking about it, then GO! You will not regret it, it's such a beautiful place and there's so much to do there! 

Please excuse my camera skills, they're not the greatest haha. Hope you enjoy!


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