Friday, 9 October 2015

*Crying face*

We found out that Ralph had bladder stones back in May and the vet said that he wouldn't make it another the week and had no hopes for him whatsoever. But when he got home from the vets, after a few days he seemed back to his old self again and seemed very happy, running around everyone and eating loads of spinach - the vet said it was a miracle! But after months of being his normal self, about 10 days ago Ralph took a turn for the worst and got very ill again, we took him to the vets and they told us that his bladder stone had moved and got bigger. Sadly he didn't make it through the night last Friday :( Anyone that knows me will know how obsessed I was with him (and Henry) and it broke my heart to say goodbye to my fluffy little guinea! Henry seems really confused that Ralph isn't with him anymore and it's soo upsetting, but it means I get to give him extra cuddles! I've put a toy cow in his cage with him to try and 'keep him company' and sometimes he drags it into bed with him and sleeps with it, it's the cutest thing ever! 

Losing a pet is the worst thing ever, as they can't tell you how they're feeling when they're ill and you feel so protective over them. Atleast poor Ralph isn't suffering anymore!

I miss him more and more each day!

R.I.P Ralph <3



  1. I feel for you I really do! Losing a pet is a horrible experience, they love you and rely on you for comfort and love, and so when they get ill and there's nothing you can do for them, it's heartbreaking. I lost most dog who I had for 14 years a couple of years ago and it was the most upsetting and horrible experience. I know it's obvious that we'll out live our pets but it doesn't make it any less upsetting when it does happen. Hope you're okay!

    The Pale Girl

    1. Thank you lovely, awww sorry to hear about your dog :( I agree, it's so heartbreaking! But it's horrible when they're in pain/suffering and so as upsetting as it is, it's for the best!


  2. This is so sad, I love guinea pigs so much! I have an old guinea pig myself and i am dreading that day. GreyWalls

    1. It's so sad :( I know that a lot of people don't think that it's that much of a big deal, like it would be if it was a dog.. But it's equally upsetting! I love guinea pigs so much! I'd love to see your guinea pig!

  3. Saddest thing ever. A couple of months ago, I also lost my guinea pig and she seemed so lost being on her own. So we decided to put her inside the cage of a male guinea pig (who was also alone) and they seem so happy together! No babies yet, but hopefully soon x


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