Saturday, 24 October 2015

Every Day Soft Cut Crease Look

When I first started getting more into make up, I always used to look at peoples amazing eye make up and when I would try it on myself it would NEVER look the same. Largely because the looks I was trying to create were on people that had an amazing cut crease, and I had no idea at all what one of those was haha, I didn't know how to do one and I didn't really think that eye shapes could be that different! Discovering that I have quite hooded eyes, I used to get really frustrated when it came to doing nice eye make up looks as my crease is so hidden and would never look like how I planned, but i've been experimenting quite a lot lately with different cut crease looks that suit my eye shape and trying to find a natural and subtle look that can be worn every day, and I've been wearing this pinky/purple cut crease look quite a lot lately. (And it's not too time consuming either, woo!)

Apologies for it looking a different colour in every photo! The lighting in my room is terrible, and with it getting dark so quickly lately it is a mission to try and take photos before the sun has moved, so I had to resort to the flash on a few of these!

These are the colours that I used to create this look:

Smash box 'Shape Matters' 3-in-1 Contour Kit:
For any of you that read my blog, you'll know that i've been loving this kit lately! I've written a review about it here. I've really been lovng Aubergine, which is a deep purple... I used this mainly to create the cut crease. I also used Vanilla and Stripped for the transition shades and Posh for the pink.

Makeup Revolution Shadow in 'Star':
This is quite an old eyeshadow which I found and have actually fallen in love with! It sort of reminds me of Nars Isolde. It's a gorgeous gold/bronze colour that is so sparkly and pigmented! I used this to blend everything together.

Naked Basics:
This palette will always be a favourite of mine. I've raved about it so many times! I used Venus to highlight along under my brows and to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. I also used it in the corner of my eye lids to drag it out under the cut crease to enhance it more.

P.S I am in NO WAY an expert, or think that I am haha... This is just a look that i've been liking lately! :)

Let me know what eye looks you've been loving lately!



  1. I really love this look! Like you, I gave up on eyeshadow for a while because it never came out how it looked on other people, but recently I've been trying to find ways of incorporating it that actually suit me. I really like the look of the Smashbox kit, might have to make an investment there!

    Megan | Lazy Thoughts

    1. Thank you! It's so frustrating isn't it haha, and I would definitely recommend it! It's got so much in one place!

  2. This is gorgeous! It's so simple and subtle, but defining! You look lovely :)

    Rebecca | morerebe


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