Monday, 19 October 2015

Putting 'Pro:Voke Touch of Silver' to the test

A couple of months ago I had a balayage effect done on my hair, i'd tried so many of the 'ombre' home kits in the past and ended up with frazzled,  yellow hair so I thought that it would time to stop with the DIYs and go and have it done professionally! I found that even after I had it done at a salon, my ends still looked quite brassy and yellow and not the creamy-blonde colour I had hoped for. About 6 weeks after having the balayage done, my hair had become soo brassy and yellow! The hairdresser did warn me that the sun would have this effect on it, but I decided to try out 'at home' toners and see if the Pro:Voke Touch of Silver range would work and help me get the creamy-blonde colour that I wanted so bad! I decided to try this range for 3 weeks and see if I could notice a difference, before I went back to the hair dressers to have more colour/toner put through it.

I bought:
- Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo 
(to use twice a week, although that's probably obvious from the name haha)

- Touch of Silver Daily Shampoo
- Touch of Silver Conditioner
(to use normally when I wash my hair throughout the week)

Annoyingly, I didn't get a very good picture of my hair before I started using the products, and the lighting isn't great at all (I was very impatient and just wanted to get going and start using it!) but hopefully you can tell from the photo above just how brassy and yellow it is.

First Impression: 
OH MY GOD IT SMELLS INCREDIBLE. AND IT'S PURPLE! It looks like the unicorn blood from Harry Potter! haha.It smells super sweet, like bubblegum and almost good enough to eat! I also can't believe how soft it's made my hair in just a week, it's made it feel so healthy despite all of the bleaching it's had recently!
I'm actually really shocked at how less brassy and yellow my hair looks after just one week! It looks a lot creamier and just more blonde rather than orange. Very happy with the results in such little time and excited to see whether it will change much more after another week!

There has been no change at all in colour since last week, however I saw a massive difference in the first week of using it so I can't complain! It's definitely not gone any more 'yellow' since last week, which is good as it has maintained it well.

There's not been much change again in colour over the past week, maybe the ends have gone a bit lighter than they were before? BUT there is still no brassiness!

I took these photos in the same place in my room at the same time of day each time to try and get the most accurate photos to show my hair colour. I'm genuinely really surprised at how much lighter my hair has got over the past 3 weeks - especially in the first week! I've noticed such a difference in the tone of my hair, it is 100% more of a creamy blonde instead of a yellow/orange now and i'm really impressed!

I'm really keen to try other highlighting/toning products now to see how they compare to this range. Hopefully at this rate I won't need to be going down the hair dressers any time soon!

Let me know if you've tried this range and how you got on with it!


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