Saturday, 10 October 2015

Smashbox 'Shape Matters' 3-in-1 Contour Kit

When an email came through from Boots saying that Smashbox had brought out a new contour kit AND that it was going to be half price for the first week, I couldn't resist! I've never really tried that many products from Smashbox before, but had been eye-ing up their contour and eyebrow kits for a while. So when I saw that this kit had their best-selling contour kit, eyebrow kit and 9 beautiful eyeshadows all in one, I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to try Smashbox out!

Being a pale gal (in denial a lot of the time) I find it quite tricky to find bronzers and contour kits that aren't too dark for my skin and that don't end up making my face look really dirty. But this has a 'contour' and a 'bronze' powder in it, which are both perfect for my skin tone and can be used together to get a perfect bronzed colour! It has a 'highlight' powder which I loooooove and also a 'glow' which is more shimmery for highlighting - it reminds me a bit of Mac's soft & gentle.

It comes with a brow wax and two shades of brown for your brows, one is a taupe colour and the other is more of a darker brown - which is the perfect colour for my eyebrows! It also comes with a double sided brush which has a brow brush on one end and a shadow on the other, which are both really soft and great sizes.

Last but not least is the eyeshadows. Three of colours included are skin tones and great for contouring around your eyes, they're similar to the colours in the Naked Basics palette but not as taupey (not sure what the correct term is haha) and are much more natural looking! My absolute favourite colour from the kit is the 'aubergine' shadow which is an amazing purple colour, one that I have wanted for a while.

I really love the packaging for this kit and how everything you need is in one place. I think it will be great to take if you're travelling to as there's so many useful and great products in it!

I got this for £30 on the offer, which was an absolute steal! I think it's gone back up to £60 again now annoyingly... But I would definitely recommend it if you're interested in trying a contour kit or even Smashbox products. Oh and also if you're pale like me as I know the colour suits my skin tone!

Let me know if you have tried this and what you think!



  1. I'm looking in what products to by for contouring at the moment, I'm finding it really difficult as I wanted the Anastasia BH contour kit but I've heard theres very little product on it! I'm going to have a look at what Smashbox has to offer as I've never used their products and heard really good things! This palette looks amazing but I think it could be too pricey for me :(...maybe one for the birthday list!!
    Great post :)<3
    Katherine Rosie | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog

    1. I was thinking about trying the Anastasia Beverly Hills one as well.. Somebody recommended the Kat Von D one to me as well, it's meant to be even better! But also the Seventeen contour kit is meant to be really good too and I think it's only about a fiver! But yeah this is definitely one for the birthday list!!


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