Saturday, 7 November 2015

MAC 'Magic Of The Night' Launch Event

Earlier in the week, MAC in Brighton had an event to celebrate the launch of their new 'Magic of The Night' collection and so I went along to perv on all of the new products! It was a really chilled and fun evening, with the prettiest glittery cookies ever, drinks and make up demos featuring the new range. The packaging is soo pretty, it's a metalic purple/blue theme and most things come in cute boxes with this design. They also re-released some of their current lipsticks, such as 'Please Me' and 'All Fired Up' in this limited edition packaging which looks so cute. I wanted to buy everything! It's all sooo pretty. But I won't ramble on too much about it, I will let you see for yourself how beautiful it all is! So here's some of the photos I took from the event - (they're not the greatest quality as they were just taken on my phone)

This was the demo - all the products look so pretty, and the model was absolutely stunning!
This biscuits were AMAZING. And so glittery! They got glitter all down my face haha
I couldn't decide what out of the new range I was going to buy... But ended up going for the 'Irresistibly Charming Pigments and Glitter/Gold' which is the cutest gold, glittery set of pigments and glitter which comes in one of the cases to keep them altogether! It's so perfect for Christmas. Aswell, it was £23 which I thought was a bargain considering their pigments are usually around £18 anyway, or £10 for the smaller. I will be posting a full review on it soon, so I won't say too much now!

Had to add in of course, that after the launch me and my friend Iszara went for a 'cheeky Nandos' ;)

The range is now available to buy! So go and check it all out for yourself, you can find it all on the MAC website here. But be warned, you will want to buy everything!

Have you tried any of the new range? What's your favourite?



  1. This event looks so amazing and glamorous! I wish I could be there!
    Lovely post xx

    1. It was! Wish I could have bought everything there! xx

  2. The packaging looks beautiful! I really want to buy the Irresistibly Charming Pigments too x

    1. I know, sooo pretty! And they're amazing :)



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