Thursday, 31 December 2015

Getting Crafty With Cheerz

I am such a sucker for anything cute and stationary related. I have about a thousand photo albums and organisers just because I love decorating things with washi tape and nice colour pens (it's my weakness). So when Cheerz asked if I wanted to try out something from their range I was so excited! Cheerz specialise in printing photos and making them look really cool and personal, their website is super easy to use and they also have an app so you can just select what photos you want to print and it's done. Check out their range of products here as they do soo many! I decided to try out the Boîte à Photos, which is 40 prints (on square paper with a little border) a bag full of little pegs, some cute string, washi tape and some photo corners. They come in a fancy little box, which makes them lovely to give as presents or to keep everything together.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Ultimate Liz Earle Hamper

Something VERY exciting happened lately. Something that literally never, ever happens to me... I won a competition! I hadn't won anything since I won a Christmas hamper in my primary school when I was about 8, so this was a massive shock to me and I couldn't believe it. Last month Feelunique held a 12 hours of giving competition where there were amazing prizes up for grabs every hour from 9am - 9pm. They had loads of really exciting prizes on there, but I really wanted to win the Liz Earle hamper worth £229 - which is exactly what I won! I absolutely love the Cleanse & Polish and had used it religiously for ages until I ran out a couple of months ago, but thought i'd hang on until i'd used the rest of my current cleanser to purchase another one, but now I don't need to! Woo!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

December GlossyBox 'The Rose Gold Edit'

Recently, I decided to sign myself up for Glossybox and Birchbox (you can read all about my first Birchbox here). This was my first ever Glossybox and I was soo excited to receive it, more so than the Birchbox, i'm not really sure why! And oh my god it's beautiful, and rose gold! This month was a collaboration with beauty blogger Really Ree, who included some of her favourite products in the box. It's quite hard for me to fall in love with a product enough to buy the full size, and so I love the idea of these boxes to try out loads of different products, most of which I wouldn't usually go for. My room seems to be flooded with samples at the moment, especially as i've nearly finished my feelunique advent calendar (which I am LOVING at the moment!) but it means I get to continually try out new things - yay! Anyway, here is a look at what I received in my first box...

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Kit

The 'Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Kit' is something that I had been lusting over for a very very very long time. I'd needed to get some new eye brushes for ages but never really knew where to start and couldn't afford to fork out fortunes on MAC brushes (as much as i'd like to) so when I saw the Zoeva ones for a really reasonable price AND in rose gold, I knew I had found the ones! So many bloggers have raved about this set, comparing them to many MAC brushes but for a fraction of the price, so I wanted to try them out for myself to see if they were worth the hype!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Unicorn Lurvvv

At the moment I am obsessed with unicorns. A lot of the reason for this is because so many shops are selling such cute and pretty unicorn related products at the moment, but also because i'm a 6 year old girl at heart and am also a complete sucker for anything pink or fluffy. For my birthday as you might have seen from my previous post, I got a lot of pink presents and amongst them were all of these adorable unicorn bits and bobs! I got a lot of this from my friend Gaby who made me the cutest little unicorn hamper (thanks boo).  So if you're like me and love unicorns and pink, you will love all of this!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Very Pink 21st

It was my 21st not long ago (anyone who follows me on twitter will know as my countdown started very far in advance!) and so I thought I would share with you some of the lovely presents that I got. The presents show how well everyone knows me, as 99% of it was PINK! I spent the week in Falmouth which is where my boyfriend goes to uni, and it was so nice to get away from everything for the week - it really makes your birthday seem more special when you're not at home I think. Although the weather was quite crappy, and well, very English, I had an amazing time just chilling and watching lots of films and season 6 of Rupaul's drag race which I am now obsessed with - they look increeeedible! And also consumed an unhealthy amount of chicken, pizza and chocolate, but you're meant to be fat on your birthday - right?


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

November Birchbox

I barely ever get any post or deliveries through my door as I tend to do a lot of my shopping in shops rather than online. This means that I get VERY excited whenever I get any sort of letter at all - I get a bit too excited when my boots vouchers come. It's sad I know. I used to love getting my graze box sent to me every fortnight, but I soon stopped those as all 4 boxes were gone within 5 minutes of the postman coming! Anyway, I thought that I would sign up to a beauty box so that I have something to look forward to every month. I'd been really keen to sign up to one of these boxes for over a year now but just never got round to it, I had been ooo-ing and aah-ing between the Birchbox and the Glossybox for ages and then just thought that I would try them both out, which means TWO deliveries a month - how exciting!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Feelunique Beauty Advent Calendar 2015

A beauty advent calendar is something that i'd wanted to get for the past couple of years, but always left it too last minute and opted for the Lindt option instead (which is just as good). But this year I was determined to try one of them out. My heart was set on getting the Benefit one as last year it looked incredible, but this year they changed it from 25 days to 12 days, and when I saw the contents I realised that I had 99% of the deluxe samples that came in it and so I thought I would look for another brand that I didn't have. After a lot of searching I came across the feelunique calendar - it's 12 days, buuut after having a very quick look on the back at a few things that come in it (without looking at everything!) I thought that this looked like a really good calendar to try with some really great brands, and for £30 I didn't think it was too bad.
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