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Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Kit

The 'Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Kit' is something that I had been lusting over for a very very very long time. I'd needed to get some new eye brushes for ages but never really knew where to start and couldn't afford to fork out fortunes on MAC brushes (as much as i'd like to) so when I saw the Zoeva ones for a really reasonable price AND in rose gold, I knew I had found the ones! So many bloggers have raved about this set, comparing them to many MAC brushes but for a fraction of the price, so I wanted to try them out for myself to see if they were worth the hype!

The kit comes with 12 various eye brushes and a cute little bag to keep them in. I love the bag, as I can keep them in it when travelling without worrying about them getting ruined. The kit is around £55 which I think is amazing value for how many brushes you get, and how good quality they are! It comes with every shape and size you could want for creating loads of different eye-looks, and is great if you're not an expert like me and don't really know where to begin, but want to try out different brushes. I would 100% recommend these to anyone, they're amazing and so pretty - and they look so cute on your dressing table too!

Here is a very brief description of each brush and what I use them for:
ZOEVA 142: I absolutely love this brush. It's the perfect size to blend concealer or powder around your eyes, it's super soft and blends perfectly. This is one of my favourites from the kit!

ZOEVA 224: This is a must have, it's perfect for blending out eyeshadows. It's really nice for softening any harsh colour or lines and is a great shape and size.

ZOEVA 226: This brush is really great for adding colour under your lower lash line, or smudging a colour out to create a smokey look. It's very dense so carries a lot of colour and is a must have for smokey eye looks!

ZOEVA 227: Like the 224, this brush is also great for blending out eyeshadows and creating transitions between colours. It's quite a big, fluffy brush so is also perfect for applying an all over colour, loose pigments or setting powder.

ZOEVA 228: There is not a lot of difference at all between the 228 and 227, apart from the slight difference in size and shape. But again, perfect for transition shades and blending.

ZOEVA 230: This is another one of my favourites from the set... It's the perfect size for adding smaller details to a look. I really love it for creating a harsher cut crease as it is so precise. It also carries a lot of colour.
ZOEVA 231: (I know i've said it for a lot of them) But this is again another favourite! It's a lot like the 230 again but bigger and less precise. It's an amazing size brush for applying colour, but also blending out. I use this a lot for my crease.

ZOEVA 234: This brush is perfect for applying an all over colour on your eyelids as it is quite dense and holds a lot of colour, it makes applying eyeshadow very quick and easy.

ZOEVA 237: This is perfect for applying colour on the inner corners of your eyes, I also use this on my brow bone.

ZOEVA 315: I haven't actually tried this yet as I don't tend to use gel eye liner much, but I'm really excited to try it out as it makes it look 10x easier through the shape and design of the brush.

ZOEVA 317: This reminds me of a slightly bigger version of the MAC 208, which I absolutely love! This is perfect for eyebrows and works wonders with the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow.  

ZOEVA 322: I personally use this to apply more colour (if needed) to my brows using a powder, after I've used my DipBrow - or if I feel like just wearing a powder on my eyebrows. This is amazing for natural/soft looking eyebrows and is very often reached for in my morning routine!

I hope this has helped anyone who was looking for new eye make up brushes and was interested in this kit! I absolutely loooooove all of the brushes, they are my new babies and I will definitely be investing in their face brushes at some point!

Have you tried any of these brushes? What is your favourite?

P.S Sorry about the picture quality again, and the flash! I have FINALLY got myself a light to use in these dark Winter nights, so look forward to having better pictures soon - yay!



  1. These are stunning, I love how there is so much variety in the different shaped brushes x

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. Me too! I can't think of another brush that I might need now! xx

  2. I do have the original set but I love Zoeva eye brushes so much I do quite fancy getting my hands on this set as well! It seems to have everything I could ever need xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. You should! And the rose gold makes it all that much better! xx


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