Sunday, 7 February 2016

Birch box January X Pinterest

First of all apologies for massively slacking on my blog, and well all social media lately.. I've been soo busy, I had my sister's wedding recently which made me really busy and also just a lot of personal things which have meant it hasn't been that easy to sit down and write my blog. But also, I didn't want to blog because I felt I 'had' to, so I would have rather waited until I feel like I can and want to again. As I haven't been posting much lately it means that there may be a few beauty boxes in a row stacking up from January, so sorry for the beauty box spam! But anyway, back to the post! January's Birchbox had some really great products in it, and also some lovely extras as it was a collaboration with Pinterest, here's what it included...
Benefit - They’re Real Tinted Primer
I’d been really keen to try this out since it was launched a few months back. I very occasionally use eyelash primers, but when I do I stick to Clinique’s lash building primer which works wonders! However, I really liked the look of the benefit one as it is tinted, whereas other primers are usually white. I don’t think it did too much to my lashes (length or fullness wise) under mascara, but on it’s own its really nice. It’s great if you don’t want to put any make up on to pop to the shops, but still want a little something there.

Whish - Three Whishes Almond Body Butter
This is such a lovely body butter. I have really sensitive skin and so overly fragranced moisturizers usually set me off, but this one doesn’t at all and it has a reaaally strong smell. It smells like marzipan and makes me smell of cakes! (I’m not sure whether everyone will be a fan of this!) This is great for dry skin and perfect size to leave in your handbag to use throughout the day.

Absolution - L’Eau Soi et Matin
I haven’t used a cleansing water in a long time, and this product made me realise how much I miss using one! This makes taking your make up off so effortless, so there’s no excuse to sleep with your make up on anymore! (I’m very guilty of this..) This is really good for taking your make up off, but also nice to use in the morning to remove anything you may have missed the night before.

Parlor - Moisturizinf & Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner (Forgot to take photo of the conditioner before I took a photo!)
These smell AMAZING. They smell of the brand’s signature scene - ripe peach and cut grass. I’ve gone quite blonde lately, which has definitely taken its toll on my hair and so anything that moisturises and repairs is good for me! These left my hair feeling so soft and also smelt great! It smells a lot like the Free From Frizz range if anyone has ever tried that.

Jelly Pong Pong - Lighten Up Brightener & Waterliner
This is such a nice highlighter - especially for under your brows as it’s so precise. It helps to make your eyes look more awake and just brighten up that whole area. It’s matte so it doesn’t make you look shiny or too shimmery, i’ve been loving this lately and it’s the full sized product so should last me a while!

Birchbox - Compact Mirror
Sometimes in Birchbox you get an extra goody in your box, and this month it was this cute #nofilter mirror. It’s perfect handbag size and has made me so happy as i’ve been meaning to get a new compact mirror for a while!

 Also as this month was a collaboration with Pinterest, the box came with cute little illustrative postcards, full of inspiration for the new year!

I was really impressed with this month's box and can't wait to show you February's! 


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